Our Coffee


With seasonality in mind, we ethically source exceptional coffee lots from quality-focused producers around the globe. The coffee is then roasted in-house using the most environmentally friendly roaster, the Loring Smart Roaster. Each coffee is carefully roasted to preserve its individual flavour identity and the taste of its terroir, which is the characteristic taste and flavour passed on to a coffee by the environment in which it is grown.  


At Kiss the Hippo Coffee, we want to make the journey from farm to cup as direct, ethical and sustainable as possible. We believe in transparency in our supply chain and expect our suppliers to uphold our standards. We are committed to supporting producers at origin who share our values by developing long-term relationships with them.

Our offerings reflect the seasonality of coffee and each lot is always consumed before the next harvest is roasted.

We believe that organic farming practices are essential for the future of agriculture and we are committed to sourcing at least 80% of our green coffee from certified organic producers. 


We aim to showcase the provenance of each lot and the skills of its producers. Each coffee we roast is individually profiled to enhance the unique qualities that result from its origin, cultivar, terroir, and processing. We use the Loring Smart Roaster, which provides up to 80% fuel-savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast compared to conventional roasters. Every batch of roasted coffee goes through our rigorous QC protocol to ensure it meets our high standards. We have a 'Kaizen' approach to everything we do and are continuously looking at ways in which we can improve and learn.


The final stage of the journey from tree to cup is not to be overlooked. Our passionate and highly trained baristas understand their responsibility to ensure everyone’s hard work involved in the coffee's journey is respected. We showcase the provenance of each lot we serve, bringing the story to life through the flavours in each cup of perfectly brewed coffee.