Our Approach


Kiss the Hippo is a speciality coffee brand founded upon a heartfelt belief in providing a better coffee experience.

We accomplish this through a considered approach to coffee-making that places a strong appreciation for quality and mindfulness for sustainability at the forefront. We aim to offer the most refined freshly roasted coffee, served in beautiful spaces as part of a thoroughly memorable service experience.

A steadfast commitment to coffee quality

Based in the neighbourhood of Richmond, London, Kiss the Hippo Coffee was established in 2018 and is managed by a dynamic and passionate team united by a shared love of coffee.

It is in our pursuit of the most rewarding coffee experience that we seek to showcase desirable coffees from around the world. In keeping with our organic and sustainability mandate, we go through a detailed research and selection process to ensure our quality standards are met.

Much of the magic takes place at our Richmond home, where we use a Loring S-15 roaster to enhance the unique characteristics of our coffees owing to the careful growing and processing at origin. The result is a freshly roasted coffee that we treat with the utmost respect in the brewing process, to ensure you benefit from only the most refined cup.

Making positive choices for the only planet we have

Mindfulness of the environment is central to our work here at Kiss the Hippo, being part of our responsibility to the earth and to you. It is through our efforts alongside charities and a dedication to innovative and sustainable solutions that we strive to deliver your knowing happiness with every sip. 

We keep good company

The great experiences that we provide match our proudly held memberships of such esteemed organisations as:

  • Speciality Coffee Association
  • Coffee Roasters Guild
  • Barista Guild
  • Alliance for Coffee Excellence

We believe that everyone deserves to access the world of higher-quality coffees and similarly exacting standards from their choice of café establishment. That’s why Kiss the Hippo was founded, so that we could bring people together and provide an invigorating and rewarding interpretation of the coffee experience.