Honduras, Finca La Diana

Peach Juice, Soft Tropical Fruit, Sugar Cane

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Producer The Nicolas Family
Finca La Diana
Cultivar Lempira
Process Honey
Location Marcala, Montecillos
1,550 masl
Harvest December - April


Expect notes of Sugar Cane, Peach Juice and Soft Tropical Fruit.



Finca La Diana is a small farm owned by the Nicolas family in the mountains of western Honduras. Not far from El Salvador, the region is thick with jungle and teeming with wildlife, making it ideal for producing sustainable and delicious coffee. The farms there appear wild, too – tucked away amongst the large shade trees that dart the landscape, they blend in seamlessly with their forest surroundings. Because the shade trees shield the coffee trees from the sun, the cherries are allowed to ripen slowly – a process that creates vibrant, nutrient-rich coffees.

The Lempira cultivar that makes up this lot was developed in Honduras by cross breeding the cultivars Caturra and Catimor to find a balance that would be delicious as well as disease resistant and higher yielding. Producer Edwin Nicolas processed the Lempira using the honey method, in which the coffee has its fruit removed and is immediately laid out to dry. The coffee then dried slowly and evenly at Finca La Diana for the next 20 days, resulting in a balanced cup that is fruity and vibrant.