Guatemala, San Antonio de Esquipulas

Boiled Sweets, Caramel, Red Berries

We roast to order on Mondays and Tuesdays and dispatch on Wednesdays. So please place your order before midnight on Sundays to be a part of our weekly roasting schedule.
Never run out of coffee again
Producer Jorge Ovalla Mendez
San Antonio de Esquipulas
Cultivar Bourbon, Typica & Caturra
Process Washed
Location Huehuetenango, Esquipulas
1,432 - 1,828 masl
Harvest November - March


Expect notes of Red Berries, Boiled Sweets and Caramel.


Jorge Ovalle Mendez has been running the family farm of San Antonio de Esquipulas since 1965. Far east near the border with Mexico he grows traditional cultivars but processes them in innovative ways. For this lot the coffee is grown under Inglas and Gravilea shade trees to slow the ripening allowing the coffee bean to take in as much nutrients as possible before the fruit ripens. Him and a small team of two pick the cherries and bring it to the mill where the coffee is floated in water. Jorge only keeps the coffee dense enough with nutrients to sink before he pulps and dry’s them.