Guatemala, Santa Clara

Caramel Red Apple, Lemon Meringue, Peach

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Never run out of coffee again
Producer Miguel González Sánchez
Santa Clara
Cultivar Red Pacamara
Process Washed
Location Huehuetenango
1,600 masl
Harvest November - March


Expect notes of Lemon Meringue, Caramel Red Apple, Peach.

We found this small lot from Miguel González Sánchez at a tasting with our friends Coffee Bird. Coffee Bird is a multi-generational producing family, the Daltons, who now work directly with small farms in Guatemala to import coffee to the UK. At the tasting we were introduced to a few coffees from Miguel’s farm Santa Clara, but this one made up of the rare red pacamara cultivar stood out. Red pacamara beans are known for their huge size, vibrant flavour, and incredible complexity—all of which is reflected in this coffee.

Guatemala has been synonymous with coffee for generations. When the trade of indigo collapsed in the 1800’s, the country started producing more and more coffee and the history of coffee and the history of Guatemala began to intertwine. Today, the two most well-known regions are Huehuetenango and Antigua, but there are almost ten regions across the country which each produce unique and interesting coffees.