Halaka, Ethiopia

Mandarin, Nectarine, Rooibos

We roast to order on Mondays and Tuesdays and dispatch on Wednesdays. So please place your order before midnight on Sundays to be a part of our weekly roasting schedule.
Owner Abiyot Boru
Cultivar Heirloom
Process Natural
Location Hambella, Guji
1,900 - 2,000 masl
Harvest November - December


Expect notes of Rooibos, Nectarine and Mandarin.


Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and still naturally creates some of the most unique coffee grown around the world. This lot is named after the mill it was processed at and captures the unique quality of Ethiopian coffee. Hundreds of producers grow wild cultivars of coffee that are known as heirlooms. Heirlooms are natural mutations in the wild and whose seeds have been passed down for generations. The Halaka Mill concentrates on working with producers with larger farms of around 8 to 10 hectares so they can have more uniformity in how their coffee was produced. The mill owner Abiyot Boru then blends these lots together and processes the coffee. The coffee is always slow-dried in the sun, which keeps the coffee fresh tasting for longer, before sorting and sending it to us.

The natural process of Halaka is incredibly clean, meaning the flavours imprinted from the process is very light allowing the inherent flavours of the coffee to shine through. In Halaka that means a coffee that balances the floral notes is often created by the convergence of the region and cultivar. Contributing to the sweetness of the coffee is a citrus fruit character that often takes the shape of a mix of orange and stone fruit flavours.