Indonesia, Bebeg

Cocoa • Fermented Pineapple • Mandarin


Never run out of coffee again.

Our coffee is roasted and packaged in our nitrogen gas-flushed bags which prolongs its peak quality for over a month. Your coffee order will come from the freshest possible roast and always with weeks of peak freshness left in it.
Never run out of coffee again
Producer Wildan Mustofa & Atieq Mustikaningtyas
Frinsa Estate
Cultivar Ateng, Sigarar Utang, Timor, Andung Sari
Process Anaerobic Natural
Location Sindangkerta, Weninggalih
1,300 - 1,500 masl
Harvest May - August


Expect notes of Fermented Pineapple, Cocoa, Mandarin.

Carbon negative coffee

The Indonesian coffees we have released this year are among our most unique. At the heart of what makes them so special are Incredibly interesting and complex flavours, the kind which are seldom found in coffee. These unique flavours come from the processing methods, so can also be found in this lot. This coffee is processed using an anaerobic method, which means the coffee is sealed in an oxygen-free environment where it ferments, creating an intense and fruity flavour.

Wildan Mustofa and his wife Atieq Mustikaningtyas started their first coffee project in the Sindangkerta, Weninggalih area back in 2010. This evolved into the Java Frinsa Estate, where this lot was produced. Although they mostly do fully washed coffees, they’ve recently been experimenting with more and more vibrant and unique lots like this one. This is a growing trend in coffee, where the cup profiles are taking on more intense, fermented flavours with lots of complex acidity.