Los Sabanales, Colombia

Butterscotch, Poached Peach, Strawberries in Cream

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Producer Aleider Garzón
Los Sabanales
Cultivar Bourbon, Caturra, Typica & Castillo
Process Natural
Location Planadas, Tolima
1,800 masl
Harvest November - December


Expect notes of  Strawberries in Cream, Poached Peach and Butterscotch.

This lot from Los Sabanales represents owner Aleider Garzón’s first foray into the world of natural processed coffee. Garzón’s coffee journey first began decades ago when his father gave him a small piece of land on the family farm. By planting new trees and caring for them as they aged, Garzón was able to develop a deep, holistic understanding of how to bring out incredible flavors in his coffee. This lot is soft, sweet, and fruit-forward, making it the perfect introduction to naturals. 

Colombia has a rich coffee history going back over 200 years. Thanks to the recent peace treaty between the FARC and the government, Colombian coffee is now more accessible than ever before. Coffee lands like Planadas that used to be hot spots in the conflict are now open, giving local farmers the chance to share their coffee with the world. The town sits surrounded by mountains full of coffee farms and national parks. Its beautiful wild jungle makes Planadas perfect for growing specialty coffee, which thrives in healthy ecosystems.