Moccamaster Select

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Never run out of coffee again

A staple of every Nordic kitchen, the Technivorm MoccaMaster Select is one of a handful of automatic coffee makers endorsed by the SCA. It marries simplicity of use with exceptional consistency and its build quality is first rate. Plus, we love its aesthetics which is of course a consideration when it comes to placing an automatic coffee maker in your kitchen.

MoccaMaster creates the opportunity to brew up to 1.25 litres of coffee in approximately six minutes making it one of the easiest yet consistent ways of making coffee for larger groups especially for those on a busy schedule. You no longer need to be worried about compromising brew quality because of switching from manual coffee brewing. MoccaMaster will look after you as long as you make sure that you have good quality coffee, water and electricity.

Filtropa Filters fit this coffee maker and they are also available in our online shop.

To find out how to get a tasty cup, take a look at our Moccamaster Brewing Guide.