Nicaragua, La Bendición

Blackberry Juice, Blueberry Jam, Green Apple

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Producer Luis Alberto Balladarez
La Bendición
Cultivar Pacamara
Process Anaerobic Natural
Location Nueveo Segovia, Ocotal
1,300 masl
Harvest January - March


Expect notes of  Blackberry Juice, Blueberry Jam, Green Apple.

The pacamara cultivar is one of the most unique in the world of coffee. Massive in size and in flavour, it is one of the few cultivars known for carrying its identity through to the final cup. Matched with this unusual cultivar is a processing method called anaerobic natural fermentation, which creates stunning flavour intensity in the cup. By fermenting the cherries in a zero oxygen environment, Luis Alberto Balladarez and his team give the coffee a uniquely sweet character. The combination of unique cultivar and exciting processing method makes this one of the most distinctive and intriguing coffees we’ve released.

Nicaragua is a coffee origin that is sometimes overlooked in favour of its big producer neighbours like Honduras or the acclaimed Panama. What often gets missed is the incredibly innovative work being done by Nicaraguan producers. Although the country isn’t known for its high altitude, the combination of expert growing and unique micro-climates means Nicaragua produces some exceptional coffees. La Bendición is an example of this, which despite its relatively low altitude was still able to produce a coffee with high flavour clarity and lots of sweetness.