Nicaragua, La Union

Apricot • Blueberry • Green Tea


Never run out of coffee again.

Our coffee is roasted and packaged in our nitrogen gas-flushed bags which prolongs its peak quality for over a month. Your coffee order will come from the freshest possible roast and always with weeks of peak freshness left in it.
Never run out of coffee again
Producer Lorenzo Chavarría Salgado
La Union
Cultivar Java
Process Honey
Location San Sebastián de Yalí, Jinotega
1,000 - 1,200 masl
Harvest December - February


Expect notes of Green Tea, Apricot, Blueberry.

Carbon negative coffee

Lorenzo has been growing coffee for over 40 years on his farm in the centre of one of Nicaragua's great producing regions, Jinotega. Over the decades he has seen the world of coffee change from the world of commodity, where all coffee was treated the same, to the rise of specialty. Now, as he creates incredibly unique and defined lots, Lorenzo has transformed his coffee into something with heaps of identity and flavour.

This Java lot incredibly captures what can be done. It’s vibrantly refreshing, sweet and complex.

Nicaragua is quite a bit different from its neighbours, Honduras and El Salvador. With generally lower altitudes, coffee there develops quicker. That means, to create a delicious specialty, a lot of shade is needed. Many farms are heavily shaded in forest-like farms, which allow enough sunlight for the coffee plant to grow, but not so much that the cherry will develop too quickly. This means cherries can ripen full of sweetness, allowing the coffee to have its own unique identity.