Kenya, Baragwi PB

Apricot, Grape Juice, Red Plum

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Producer 16,892 Smallholder Producers
Baragwi Cooperative
Cultivar SL 28, SL 34 & Ruiru 11
Process Washed
Location Gichugu, Kirinyaga
1,700 - 1,800 masl
Harvest September - January


Expect notes of Grape Juice, Red Plum and Apricot.


Baragwi is a cooperative of producers who grow coffee south of Mount Kenya. This particular lot is created from peaberries, which are coffee cherries that grow only one coffee bean instead of the usual two. The uniform size and shape of peaberries means that they roast exceptionally evenly, resulting in an intense cup of coffee with high flavor clarity. Peaberry quality is matched only by their rarity - making up only around 5% of the world’s coffee, cooperatives can only assemble peaberry lots once or twice a harvest.

Kenya has long been known as one of the great coffee-producing nations. The rich volcanic soil that surrounds Mt. Kenya is ideal for growing coffee - especially the sweet, vibrant cultivars that Scott Laboratories released to Kenyan producers in the sixties. Of those varieties, SL 28 and SL 34 stood out from the rest, quickly becoming treasured by coffee lovers the world over. This lot from Baragwi really captures why - uniquely juicy and fruit-forward, it subverts expectations of what coffee can be.