Peru, Aprocassi Decaf

Caramel, Cream, Milk Chocolate


Never run out of coffee again.

Our coffee is roasted and packaged in our nitrogen gas-flushed bags which prolongs its peak quality for over a month. Your coffee order will come from the freshest possible roast and always with weeks of peak freshness left in it.
Never run out of coffee again
Producer Dozens of Smallholder Producers
Cooperative Aprocassi
Cultivar Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Catimor
Process Swiss Water Decaf
Location Cajamarca, San Ignacio
1300 - 1500 masl
Harvest June - October


Expect notes of Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Cream.



This Peruvian Aprocassi lot was decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Mountain method. This all-natural decaffeination method submerges the unroasted coffee in warm water which is then infused with CO2, similar to soda. The CO2 binds with the caffeine and, when the water is removed, the CO2 and caffeine leave with it.

The Aprocassi cooperative started 20 years ago as an association of 601 producers in the far north of Peru close to the border with Ecuador. The small farms dot the lush forest-covered mountains where they grow mostly organic certified lots such as this one.

Coffee came to Peru in the 1700s by way of its neighbour Ecuador. Although it caught on right away, it was another two hundred years before coffee cultivation really took off. After defaulting on a loan to the British government, Peru was forced to give five million acres of land to the UK. Britain forced its colony to produce coffee, and with that the country’s production exploded. Since then Peru has become an independent democratic country and is now the world’s seventh largest coffee producer.