Shattah Gesha, Colombia

Apricot Jam, Black Cherry, Stewed Raspberry

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Producer Maurico Shattah
La Negrita
Cultivar Gesha
Process Anaerobic Natural
Location Tolima
1,900 masl
Harvest December - January


The Shattah Gesha was the runner up in the UK Barista Championship 2019 and won the top spot in 2018.

Expect notes of Black Cherry, Apricot Jam and Stewed Raspberry.


Maurico Shattah is one of the most innovative coffee producers in the world. Before moving into the coffee industry just six years ago, Mauricio worked as a physician. That medical background is evident in his scientific approach to coffee production - by understanding of how coffee flavour develops at the biological level, Mauricio is able to produce some of the finest coffee in the world. Favoured by award-winning baristas, the Shattah Gesha won first prize at the 2018 UK Barista Championship.

This lot was made using a new technique known as the natural anaerobic process. In this method, coffee cherries are sanitised and pre-soaked in yeast to prevent any bacteria from developing before being fermented in an oxygen free environment. This allows the coffee to safely develop its inherent unique and vibrant flavours. The end cup is incredibly sweet, featuring notes of deep black cherry, apricot jam, and stewed raspberry.