Auromar Gesha, Panama

Jasmine, Mango, Raspberry Jam

This natural Gesha from Auromar was used to win the 2019 UK Barista Championship. It is also placed 3rd when used in the 2019 UK Coffee Brewers Cup Championship. This is a unique coffee that made us proud.
Owner Roberto Brenes
Farm/Mill Finca Auromar
Cultivar Gesha
Process Natural
Location Candela, Chiriqui
Altitude 1,570 - 1,700 masl
Harvest December - March


Expect notes of jasmine, raspberry jam, and mango.


The cultivar Gesha is the most celebrated and awarded type of coffee in the industry. Ever since it was recognised in 2006, it has been the cultivar most used on the global stage by producers and roasters to show coffee’s highest quality. Roberto Brenes’ farm Finca Auromar is one of the rare farms awarded as producing some of the worlds finest coffee. At the 2014 Best of Panama competition, his Gesha was chosen as creating the country’s best coffee that year. Ever since then Auromar has sat atop coffee competitions around the world.

Although the inherent quality of Gesha means it has the potential for creating a very sweet coffee with high flavour clarity, it is also notorious for being one of the most difficult coffees to grow. It is very susceptible to disease, creates very little yield and only shows its quality when grown in rare micro-climates like that found in Finca Auromar. This means only the most dedicated and knowledgeable producer can create Gesha of truly high quality.

Often Gesha is labelled as “geisha,” the name given to the coffee by the scientist who first took the seeds from the wild in the 1930’s. The name geisha was given because the seeds were picked from the Gesha area of Ethiopia and the scientist chose to knowingly change its name obscuring its origin. We chose to label the cultivar Gesha out of respect for its provenance, people and origin.