Caranavi PB, Bolivia

Plum, Pomegranate, Toffee

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250g -Filter

Cultivar Caturra, Typica
Process Fully Washed
Altitude 1,650 -1,900 masl
Location Coroico, North Yungas
Harvest November - December
Farm/Mill Buena Vista Mill
Owner Various Smallholders


Expect notes of plum, toffee and pomegranate.

Recommended for filter.


Following the reforms of the 1950s the Bolivian government encouraged the local people of La Paz and Altiplano to resituate themselves within tropical, mountainous regions where they could benefit from farming. Here they were given free parcels of land and the opportunity to earn a living from cultivating coffee. Many people settled in Coroico, a small town surrounded by jungle on the Yungus road between La Paz and Caranavi. Coroico benefits from high altitudes of 1650 and 1900masl, which combined with an abundance of varietals like Caturra and Typica, gives the coffee of this areas coffee high levels of acidity, sweetness and complexity.

Because Coroico was a large settlement for many people, the land was divided with each family occupying a farm of between 1 and 3 hectares. This means that individual producers will yield relatively small amounts of cherry, so they join together to make up a larger amount that they then bring to the Buena Vista mill in Caranavi to be processed. Working together in this way reduces risk between individual farmers since they get paid on delivery of cherries. Receiving larger quantities also means that the mill can ensure greater levels of quality control that in turn leads to producers receiving quality premiums.

Once cherries are sorted, pulped and graded, the coffee is dried on raised beds. This particular lot benefitted from a long drying time of 14 days, ensuring greater levels of stability and uniformity of cup profile.