Colombia, Los Alpes

Blackberry, Jasmine, Strawberry Ice Cream


Never run out of coffee again.

Our coffee is roasted and packaged in our nitrogen gas-flushed bags which prolongs its peak quality for over a month. Your coffee order will come from the freshest possible roast and always with weeks of peak freshness left in it.
Never run out of coffee again
Producer The Arboleda-Ramirez family
Los Alpes
Cultivar Caturra
Process Carbonic Macerated Natural
Location Los Farallones, Antioquia
1,740 masl
Harvest October - December


Expect notes of Strawberry Ice Cream, Jasmine, Blackberry .

Carbon negative coffee

The story of Los Alpes begins with José Arboleda and Elvia Ramirez purchasing their farm in 1974. Since then, the farm has grown and moved from producing commodity coffee to high-end lots with exotic processing.

This coffee is a carbonic macerated natural, meaning it was picked and placed inside a sealed container which had carbon dioxide added and the oxygen removed. The wine world has been using this carbonic maceration for decades. In coffee, it creates a cup that is massively fruity and incredibly vibrant with high sweetness.

Experimental coffee processing is something new in the coffee world. Over the last ten years or so, we have seen the world’s most high-end coffees go from complex delicate washed coffees to, first, embracing honeys that were popularised in Costa Rica to, now, funky naturals and experimental lots. The change is underlining the trend for more intense and sweet coffees. Natural fermentations like this make the end cup taste like stewed berries with lots of jam-like notes.