Tano Ndogo, Kenya

Lime, Passion Fruit, Strawberry

We roast to order on Mondays and Tuesdays and dispatch on Wednesdays. So please place your order before midnight on Sundays to be a part of our weekly roasting schedule.
Owner Tano Ndogo Cooperative
Farm/Mill Muuru, Gichega, Kariru
Cultivar SL28, SL34
Process Washed
Location Gitwe, Kiambu County
Altitude 1,850 masl
Harvest October - November


Expect notes of passion fruit, lime, and strawberry.



Kenya has been one of the worlds most loved origins for coffee. The two cultivars, SL28 and SL34 that are ubiquitous in Kenya create a profile that is known to be winey, red berry like and rarely found outside of the country. The lot name Tano Ndogo has those characteristics but also reflects how the changes in micro-climate are effecting the flavour by adding a crisp citrus like flavour; lower rainfall and higher temperatures caused by climate change influence how the coffee ripens, meaning a less developed cherry which effects the cup.

Tano Ndogo is a private mill owned by five farmers; three brothers and two neighbours. This group of farmers, which is uncommonly small for Kenyan coffee producers where most lots of coffee come from hundreds of producers, are starting to make their mark in the coffee industry. In 2017 their new mill was awarded 5th place at the African Taste of Harvest, which sees hundreds of coffees from across Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burundi, DR Congo and Ethiopia competing.