Duromina, Ethiopia

Apricot, Floral, Lemon

We roast to order on Mondays and Tuesdays and dispatch on Wednesdays. So please place your order before midnight on Sundays to be a part of our weekly roasting schedule.


Cultivar Heirloom
Process Fully Washed
Altitude 1,900 -2,000 masl
Jimma Zone, Oromia
Harvest November - February
Farm/Mill Duromina Washing Station 
Owner Cooperatively Owned


Expect notes of floral, lemon, and apricot.

Recommended for espresso.


The story of coffee is a story weaved in the history of Ethiopia. From mythical stories of a goat herder named Kali discovering the energy locked in the seeds to today where Ethiopian coffee is among the worlds most celebrated. The mill of Duromina is typical in its story; a group of producers with the help of the NGO TechnoServe creating a co-operative mill to take their picked coffee cherries and process them. The mill is though also one of a kind in how it has managed to create such a unique and celebrated coffee.

The collaboration between the producers and TechnoServes’ resulted in exponential gains in quality. Everything from the infrastructure to the methods were a collaboration between TechnoServes’ extensive knowledge of coffee production and the producer’s awareness of what the coffee needs to shine.

With coffee flavour, clarity is crucial. To create higher flavour clarity, each coffee bean needs to have a similar flavour compounds as possible. Developing this evenness is a remarkable feat in a system that sees hundreds of farmers mixing their crop together to build lots. It means each producer must practice knowledgeable care of their trees to create such a vibrant coffee.