Honduras, Las Flores

Caramel, Green Apple, Peach

We will be roasting a limited amount of this coffee with the first small batch to be shipped on the 24th of February which you can pre-order now.
Never run out of coffee again
Producer Cooperative El Jilguero
Cooperative El Jilguero
Cultivar Red Catuai
Process Washed
Location Marcala
1,600 masl
Harvest January - March


Expect notes of Green Apple, Peach, Caramel.



20% of the proceeds go towards supporting native wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires.

Sourced from a collection of small farms near Marcala in northern Honduras, this lot of coffee was named Las Flores by the mill from where it came, El Jilguero. It is a mix of red catuai coffees, a popular variety on farms all over the country. Known for creating a final cup that is balanced, sweet, and clean, it’s the perfect session coffee that you can drink again and again. Carefully roasted to preserve its inherent sweetness, Las Flores shines with notes of green apple, soft peach, and caramel.

Coffee in Honduras has had its share of challenges. Its incredible climate featuring cool and cloudy weather mixed with dynamic geography makes it ideal for growing interesting and delicious coffee, but difficult to process. The wet weather means producers have to be resourceful in their drying methods, building covered beds to ensure that the coffee dries correctly. Red catuai originally comes from Brazil where is was made as a hybrid between the already popular caturra and mundo novo cultivars. It came to Honduras in the 70s and quickly became popular with both producers and roasters.