Kenya, Kii

Blackberry, Lemon, Redcurrant

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Never run out of coffee again
Producer 1,200 Smallholder Producers
Baragwi Cooperative
Cultivar SL 28 & SL 34
Process Washed
Location Kirinyaga, Ngairiama
1,700 - 1,900 masl
Harvest November - January


Expect notes of Lemon, Redcurrant and Blackberry.


The Kii wet mill is one of Kenya’s most esteemed coffee producers. Located on the southern base of Mt. Kenya, the mill produces coffee that is incredibly vibrant and distinct. Many of the farmers live on the slopes of the mountain, where they tend to the coffee they grow on their small parcels of land. Once the ripe cherries are picked, the farmers deliver them to the Kii mill, where they are carefully sorted by hand before being cleaned, fermented, and dried according to Kenyan coffee tradition.

Although neighbouring Ethiopia is hailed as the birthplace of coffee, Kenya’s coffee industry (which was established in the 1880s) is relatively new. Kenyan coffee first gained international recognition in the sixties, after high quality cultivars developed by Scott Laboratories were adopted throughout the country. SL 28 and SL 34 are particularly prized - when grown in Mt. Kenya’s rich volcanic soil, they develop a higher acidity and fruity vibrancy that places them amongst the most beloved coffee varieties in the world.