Our Roasting Style


We roast our coffee light to medium.

We aim to source the best coffees available and it would be a crime to roast them to a degree which masks all of the unique characteristics which result from careful growing and processing at origin. These are the reasons why we selected the coffees in the first place and we roast them carefully in order to emphasise them.

There is an on-going philosophical debate in the specialty world regarding roasting in an “omni” vs “profile” style. Omni-roasting is often misunderstood as simply roasting every coffee in the same way. In fact, each coffee should be carefully matched to a roast profile which suits its origin, density, moisture content and processing method. The profile is then tweaked to emphasise the characteristics which the roaster finds desirable.

Profile roasting, on the other hand, starts with the same approach as omni-roasting but also considers how that coffee will be brewed, optimising the roast for use as a filter or as an espresso. We roast differently for espresso and filter as we want to optimise extractability for each of these brewing methods to ensure that the coffee tastes its best. There are proven ways in which you can affect the roast to make brewing using each of these methods easier but the matter is highly subjective as there are no industry standards for these parameters and one person’s espresso roast is another person’s filter and vice versa. Even choosing coffees to suit brewing methods is problematic as, for example, a big juicy Kenyan makes a divisive espresso.

Every roastery seeks to define their own style by roasting within certain colour ranges or degrees of roast, but taste is highly subjective and there’s no one size fits all style. Some people like an elegant Pinot Noir, whereas some will savour a rich, spicy Malbec. The beauty of the coffee industry is that there is something out there for everyone and it’s a journey of discovery. We always put flavour first and prefer to match unique coffees to our guests’ taste preferences so ask one of our team members in-store or check out the website soon to discover your next favourite coffee.

 By Team Kiss the Hippo