At Kiss the Hippo we’re always rotating our roster of current coffees. That’s because we’re constantly looking to source seasonal coffee in a variety of ways which allow us to find the most interesting and delicious lots around the world. 

After all, your coffee is only as good as the beans which go into the cup – and the best coffee comes from the freshest, most seasonal beans on offer.

Our Producer Partners

When we source coffee, we either work directly with producers or use trusted importers like Caravela, Falcon, Sucafina and Coffee Bird, so we know exactly what’s going into the bag. To help enable positive economic and environmental relationships with every coffee location, we partner with trusted companies in order to leverage our power together.

The Importance of Seasonality

Because we think seasonality is critical to coffee, our coffees are always changing. We don’t sell coffee harvested over 18 months ago, and most of our coffees are harvested within the previous six months. This chart shows the harvest periods of some of the most famous coffee origins – you can use it to ensure you’re always ordering the freshest possible beans. View Chart

Fostering Equitable Relationships

Amid inflation and rising fuel prices, we’re committed to paying a more-than-fair fee for our coffee. We pay every one of our producers above the inflation rate in their country, and our average direct trade prices are well over the commodity coffee market price. Not only does this help incentivise quality, it allows us to foster more equitable relationships with our producers.

Our Climate Commitments

Though we value the principles of direct trade, constantly visiting producers on carbon-intensive international flights is no longer sustainable during a climate crisis. Nowadays, we save carbon through digital communication, while still ensuring we’re in constant contact with our producers about any challenges and opportunities they might face.

Enjoy a Delicious Cup of Coffee

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