Wilfa Svart Grinder - Black

Brewing Equipment

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Never run out of coffee again

User friendly and aesthetic! Wilfa Svart Grinder is a perfect example of a great electrical burr grinder combining ease of use, aesthetics and consistency. It is no secret that most delicious brews are only made from perfectly ground coffees and Wilfa Svart electrical burr grinder produces the most uniform grind at the touch of a button.

Capable of grinding up to 250 grams of coffee in its hopper, it has an unexpectedly small footprint which makes it perfect even for small apartments. Wilfa’s grind settings can be adjusted to different brewing techniques including AeroPress, French Press, Kalita, Moccamaster and most other methods.

For bringing out great flavours in your beans and enjoy tastier brews at the comfort of your home, don’t hesitate to touch its button. Enjoy!