Panama, Auromar Gesha

Jasmine Tea, Mango Juice, Raspberry Jam


Never run out of coffee again.

Our coffee is roasted and packaged in our nitrogen gas-flushed bags which prolongs its peak quality for over a month. Your coffee order will come from the freshest possible roast and always with weeks of peak freshness left in it.
Never run out of coffee again
Producer Roberto Brenes
Farm/Mill Auromar
Cultivar Gesha
Process Natural
Location Tierras Altas, Volcán
Altitude 1,700 masl
Harvest December - March


Expect notes of Mango Juice, Raspberry Jam, Jasmine Tea.


Roberto Brenes’ farm Auromar holds a special place in our hearts, as it produced the coffee used by Paul Ross to win our first UK Barista Competition. Since then we have brought Roberto’s coffee back each year, because it is truly one of the best we’ve ever tasted.

At the core of what makes this coffee special is the relationship between the cultivar and the place where it is grown. The gesha cultivar is known for being the greatest in coffee because of its immense flavour palette. When grown with care in an environment like Volcán, the coffee is able to show off its sweetest, most floral characteristics.

Additional 100 Words for Online & Offering List You can trace the roots of gesha to the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. The story goes that in the 1960s a USDA expedition to Ethiopia went to look for wild cultivars of coffee, to research and potentially begin cultivating them. While there they visited an area called Gesha where they collected seeds. The samples ended up in a research lab in Costa Rica and were largely ignored until the cultivar made its way to Panama and debuted to the world at the Best of Panama competition in 2004. It was here that it blew the judges away and has won the top spot every year since.