Everyone Should Have Access to Clean Water

We are committed to playing a leading role in sustaining the coffee chain. For us, this goes beyond choosing ethically sourced coffees. As our coffee chain lengthens across borders all over the world, it isn’t just the bean that is crucial to preserve, but also the communities from which we source our coffee.

Around 125 million people across the world depend on coffee farming as their main trade. We know the difficulties faced by the communities growing the precious coffees we source, that’s why it is important for us to support them as much as possible. We want to help increase the standard of living in these communities by taking a holistic approach to giving back, considering the farmers themselves as well as the communities they live in. This ranges from ethically sourcing all of our coffee beans, to supporting smaller cooperatives, to helping efforts to promote hygiene.

Kenyan coffee is one of the most prized origins in coffee. It is estimated that more than 6 million Kenyans are employed directly or indirectly in the coffee industry. Since our opening in June 2018, we have been very fortunate to offer an amazing range of different coffees from Kenya. As a country that enables us to drink such delicious coffee, we want to support them through their ongoing water crisis.

Water is the most basic human need. However, millions of people around the world don’t have access to clean water, especially developing countries like those we source our coffee beans from. Access to safe water significantly improves the quality of life in communities.

That’s why we have partnered up with safe water charity Just a Drop. Just a Drop is a charity that works with communities to bring sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities around the world, transforming lives.

As of February 2019, we started saving funds to support 228 students at Mwambui Secondary School in Kenya with safe water.

Currently, the school doesn’t have a regular supply of water, forcing them to buy water from vendors, which is expensive and prevents school funds from being invested in education. 

Our Contribution

As a contribution to the effort in providing safe water, we will donate some of the proceeds from our seasonal Kenyan Coffee Bags and Kiss the Hippo Enamel Pins.


With the proceeds we put together, a rainwater-harvesting tank will be constructed at Mwambui Secondary School that will provide clean safe water all year round. As part of the project, three handwashing stations will be constructed, and students and teachers will receive sanitation and hygiene education to ensure long-term good health.

With safe water, students at Mwambui Secondary School will be much healthier and receive a better education. They will look forward to brighter futures.

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