Our Sourcing Ethos

Our sourcing ethos is defined by our holistic approach to sustainability. We believe the most important priority for any roaster is the preservation of the coffee chain that connects the producers to the person enjoying the final cup. If we wish to offer the best quality coffee in the world, it is crucial that we support positive outcomes for the people at every step of that chain - especially the communities that grow our coffee. We are committed to building lasting relationships with producers, to being transparent at every step, and to supporting the ongoing research that will ensure the preservation of the industry. All of our coffee is sourced and roasted with these ideals in mind.

Supporting The Future Of Coffee

Coffee producers often shoulder the heaviest price pressure in the coffee industry. Each year, costs increase as climate change makes coffee production all the more challenging. Unfortunately, the global commodity price for coffee hasn’t grown to reflect this. We believe that price increases and stability are needed to maintain a healthy industry, which is why we are dedicated to paying double the Fairtrade price for all our coffees.

Keeping The Journey Transparent

In a world that becomes more complex and globalized by the day, responsible consumption can be an overwhelming task. We strive to make it easier by being open and honest about where our coffee comes from, and how it gets to you. From farm to cup you can rely on us to share every step of the journey your coffee takes on its way to you.

Building Strong Bonds With Coffee Farmers

We believe that the coffee supply chain should be a circle. That’s why we’re dedicated to working directly with our producers. By supporting open communication and visiting each of our coffee origins at least every 12 months, Kiss the Hippo is able to get the best out of the coffee chain - for our farmers and our guests.

Going The Extra Mile

Stewardship is an imperative part of coffee preservation. We support coffee conservation efforts by making regular financial contributions to the research organizations tasked with discovering sustainable solutions. For every kilo of coffee we buy, we donate 3 pence to the World Coffee Research program, which is double the amount WCR has asked of the industry to support its research.

We are also the first coffee roaster to attach our growth to the funding of the Kew Gardens coffee research program - an initiative we are proud to support with 2 pence for every kilo of coffee we buy. Finally, we partner with the Just a Drop clean water foundation in an effort to support the places our coffee comes from. To read more about our work supplying the 228 students of the Mwambui Secondary School in Kenya with safe water, click here

Thank you for joining us on our journey towards building an ethical and exceptional coffee experience.

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