How Does Kiss the Hippo Give Back?

Kiss the Hippo Coffee was built on the foundation of making the best quality coffee while maintaining its integrity every step of the way. Our core values influence every decision we make; from sourcing coffee to selecting equipment, to building relationships within the local community.


As coffee is a seasonal crop, we source green coffee beans with unique characteristics from around the world following the natural harvest cycles. Most of the green coffee we source is from certified organic producers. We aim to foster relationships with producers who share our commitment to quality and our core values. 

Highest Quality Machinery

The roasting process is carried out using the most environmentally friendly roaster of its class, which is energy efficient and almost emission free. All the other equipment was carefully selected from manufacturers that utilise the most advanced technology.

Clean and Green Living

Kiss the Hippo Coffee prioritises compostable use where possible. The straws, cups, lids, takeaway boxes and cutlery are 100% compostable. Recyclable packaging solutions are made from recycled content, like the Grab&Go pots or the paper napkins.

With the award-winning bio-bean technology the waste ground coffee is collected by a specialist company and transformed into advanced biofuels.

Kiss the Hippo Coffee is dedicated to creating environmental campaigns and working with local charities.

Coffee Unites People

Kiss the Hippo is designed to allow guests to leave the city behind and enjoy a precious coffee moment by themselves or with friends. Our clean, minimalist design provides a calming environment for relaxing and enjoying good conversations.

The workshop area further enables social interactions, supporting individuals to deepen their knowledge of coffee and related concepts. It aspires to bring the community around a common interest.

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