Saving the Rainforest One Acre at a Time

To celebrate Kiss the Hippo's first anniversary, we wanted to give back by supporting environmental conservation efforts. On June 15th, we donated all of the proceeds from our Richmond Café to the Rainforest Trust UK, who work to protect threatened forests and wildlife worldwide.



All of the money we raised from our anniversary celebration went to help fund the Rainforest Trust UK’s vital charity project in Colombia, where they are working to expand the El Dorado Nature Reserve. Recently named the “Most Irreplaceable Site on Earth”, the El Dorado Nature Reserve is home to an incredible number of diverse plant and animal species - many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. By purchasing and protecting the 12,197 acres of land surrounding the El Dorado Nature Reserve, the Rainforest Trust UK will be able to safeguard the area’s endangered species, as well as prevent the devastating carbon emissions caused by deforestation. 


We’re incredibly happy to announce that together, we were able to raise enough money to protect 71 acres of rainforest in the El Dorado Nature Reserve! (That’s more than the size of 40 football pitches put together!)

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help us support this incredible cause.

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