Peru, Urbano

Caramel, Plum Pudding, Raspberry Ripple

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Never run out of coffee again.

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Never run out of coffee again
Producer Urbano Ramirez Vasquez
Cultivar Catuai
Process Natural
Location San Antonio, Hubal
1,600 masl
Harvest March - September


Expect notes of Raspberry Ripple, Plum Pudding, Caramel.

Carbon negative coffee

Named for the producer who created it, Urbano is a high intensity, massively complex coffee which is processed by pre-fermenting in water before being slowly dried inside the cherry. Peru, with its notoriously damp climate, makes natural processed lots incredibly difficult to produce. Regardless, Urbano’s care and skill has overcome the challenge and created this lot which captures so much of what makes natural fermentations so interesting: an exceptionally intense and unique lot.

This is our first lot from the Huabal region of Peru. Known for its incredible coffee-growing conditions, it also has some of the most rugged terrain in any coffee producing region. This provides a logistical challenge to implementing the agronomist and producer education initiatives promoted by local co-ops and the national government. But the challenge has been met, and this harvest has been the most recent in a huge influx of experimental and unique Peruvian coffees.