George Street Blend

Apple, Mandarin, Treacle

We roast to order on Mondays and Tuesdays and dispatch on Wednesdays. So please place your order before midnight on Sundays to make our weekly roasting schedule.


80% Colombia - Asopep, Washed

20% Ethiopia - Duromina, Washed

The George Street Blend's cup profile is apple, mandarin, treacle.

Recommended for espresso. 


George St. was created to taste sweet and balanced as an espresso and still vibrant through milk. We roast George St. to preserve the unique terroir that makes up this coffee, to give it more body and calmer acidity.

Asopep is the Association of Organic Producers of Planadas. Planadas is a small town in the south of one of Colombia’s prime growing regions, Tolima. In the centre of town is vibrant coffee market where it’s common to see dozens dirt bikes and donkeys loaded up with large sacks of coffee the producers in the surrounding hills are bringing in.  Most producers in the area create their coffee by first pulping and washing and then, laying to dry in covered drying houses called ‘parabolic beds’ that are built to keep the rain out. The gentle nature of the production helps create an inevitably clean and crisp cup.

The Ethiopian coffee Duromina is a complex and vibrant coffee. Smallholders contribute their harvest to Duromina cooperatives with coffee grown in small garden like farms. What makes the coffee so special is that since only a small amount of coffee is grown by each producer, extreme care is given to each coffee tree. Unlike Colombia, the coffee beans are dried on raised beds in the sun. This allows people to hand sort the defects, hence a more consistent and clean coffee.