Espresso Martini Recipe

There’s nothing more fun and sophisticated than a coffee cocktail, whether you’re sipping it or brewing it!

With the increasing popularity of the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships, more and more people are waking up to the joys of caffeinated cocktails. So we thought we would take you through how to make an Espresso Martini.

An espresso martini is traditionally made with coffee liqueur and vodka, but we’ll be swapping the liqueur for actual coffee.

You will need:

  • AeroPress
  • 20g of Specialty Coffee
  • 10g of Cane Sugar
  • 50ml of Vodka
  • A Cocktail Shaker
  • A Cocktail Glass
  • Ice Cubes


The beauty of making coffee cocktails is that you can experiment with all sorts of beans and brewing methods. For this recipe, we will be using an AeroPress and our Holiday Blend, but our George Street Blend or Colombian Los Vascos will also work great with Espresso Martinis.

Make a concentrated AeroPress brew with 20g finely ground coffee and 65ml of 90°C water. Make sure to rinse the paper filter first. 30 second steep time, 10-15 second press time. If you have an espresso machine and no AeroPress, you can just make a double espresso instead.

Mix your coffee with the cane sugar until it is totally mixed in.
Fill a shaker with ice, then add the coffee mixture and 50ml of vodka.
Shake vigorously, then double strain into a chilled martini glass.
Garnish your cocktail with some coffee beans.
And that’s it – enjoy!


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