What goes into our pods?

What goes into our new Nespresso compatible coffee pods? Coffee, obviously. Each pod is packed with our fan-favourite George Street Blend, offering genuine café-quality coffee in an unassumingly small package.

But beyond that, we put a lot of thought into their environmental impact, as well as their impact on your tastebuds. In fact, in the many months since we first dreamt up the idea of launching our own coffee pods, we’ve been working hard to make sure they’re as sustainable as can be.

Every single year, 350 million coffee pods are consumed in the UK alone – most of which are made of plastic or aluminium. You might be surprised to learn that these pods aren’t home compostable. You’ll probably be horrified to learn that, when they end up in landfill, they can take up to 500 years to bio-degrade.

But there is another way. We wanted to provide a sustainable alternative to the pollution problem put forward by plastic pods from big brands. Finding a way to do this wasn’t easy – but after many visits to multiple factories, we came across a genuinely home compostable pod that didn’t sacrifice on quality.

It was all about the process. And the process at our chosen factory is about as hi-tech as you’d expect. Pods are made plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable using skillets of recyclable card, with a full oxygen barrier that keeps the coffee inside fresh until you want to use it.

Plastic and aluminium coffee pods are bad for the planet – it’s as simple as that. But when you choose our pods, you’re choosing a product which is 100% compostable.

Whether in a domestic compost heap, a landfill site or a council food waste bio-digester, these beauties will break down into biomass in a matter of weeks. It doesn't matter where you dispose of them – wherever it is, you won’t be hurting the planet.


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