Finding Your Favourite Coffee

If you’ve ever ordered two types of Kiss the Hippo coffee, you might have noticed that the labels were different colours. That’s because we sort our coffee not just by name or origin, but by the experiences they provide.

Whether you’re looking for a mellow coffee break, a unique and interesting original or a morning brew that packs a punch, we’ve got the coffee style for you. Here’s how to pick your next coffee, based on experience.

Firstly, the blends. Before creating them, we think about what they’ll become. Mixed with regular dairy or mylk, our blends are designed to be the backbone of delicious flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos. But they’re also low in acidity and inherently sweet, making an ideal espresso.

These are our hero coffees, and you’ll see them marked out with a red label. And though the components change each season to reflect the world’s most recent harvests, the names – and styles – will always remain the same.

House Blend

Our fan-favourite, go-to blend, named after the street we started on. Soft and clean as an espresso, with robust, complex flavours that won’t get lost in milk. Organic certified by the Soil Association and thoroughly modern, this two-coffee blend will always feature tasting notes of berries, chocolate and caramelised sugar.

Classic Blend

Named after one of the world’s oldest hippos, Donna is our nod to a classic. Instead of roasting dark, we source inherently deep, rich coffees that stand out whether enjoyed black or made with milk. Like a darker roast minus the bitterness, with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar and nuts.

Now for the single origins. We source and roast all of them with an omni-style approach, meaning they can be used for both espresso and filter – and that we can bring out each coffee’s individual identity, body and sweetness.

Each category contains a number of coffees which, though often from different countries, come together to provide a unique (but inherently similar) coffee experience.

Mellow & Balanced

Our accessible single origin offering, made for every kind of coffee drinker. Easy to enjoy, low in acidity and gentle in the body, this is a crowd-pleasing coffee to write home about.

Vibrant & Bright

If you need reminding that coffee is a fruit, try this vibrant single origin coffee. Sweeter in flavour and higher in acidity, this is a bright and bold coffee for those who like their cup to pack a punch.

Unique & Interesting

If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, these are the kinds of intense, boundary-pushing single origin coffees that’ll have you smiling and saying ‘I’ve never tasted anything like that before…’ 

Rare & Acclaimed

Whether it’s coffees rarely seen in the UK, or award-winning lots with a limited run, this is truly special stuff: expect some of the coffee industry’s most prized jewels, from Gesha cultivars to Cup of Excellence winners and competition coffees galore.


Always organic and always naturally decaffeinated, this sweet and vibrant single origin coffee will make you rethink just what a decaf can be — and will likely have you coming back for more.

Tastebuds tingling? Whichever of the above tickles your fancy, we’ve just launched two taster packs to help you find your new favourite kind of coffee...

The Explorer

For the more adventurous coffee drinker, this pack provides plenty of excitement in three styles: Vibrant & Bright, Unique & Interesting, and Mellow & Balanced.


The Comforter

A mix of our two much-loved blends, George Street and Donna, plus a smooth, chilled-out taster of Mellow & Balanced single origin coffee.


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