How our coffee pods are reforesting Nepal

At Kiss the Hippo, we care about the planet and local communities just as much as we care about the coffee they provide. That’s why, when we decided to launch our Nespresso compatible coffee pods, we wanted to give something back. That’s how the #KissTheHippoForest was born.

For every new pod subscription, we’re planting a tree in Nepal. Why Nepal? Well, it’s one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, and the rural villagers there directly depend on their natural environment for food, shelter, and income. We knew it was somewhere where we wanted to lend a hand.

An undertaking like this in Nepal is tricky, as it involves the reforesting of mountain sides in deforested areas where the terrain is challenging and unstable. So why do it? Not only does the project provide food and medicine for villages plus shade and shelter for wildlife, it also contributes towards local poverty alleviation by allowing villagers to take part in the tree planting programme.

The benefits for the environment are just as big: soil regeneration and climate regulation are just two of the key factors at play. Trees are still the most sophisticated carbon-capturing technology in the world, and forests are responsible for half of the planet’s natural uptake of CO2. Every tree makes a difference.

When we found out that Swiss non-profit On A Mission were literally on a mission to restore Nepal’s native forests and ecosystems, we knew we wanted to be involved. Working with them, we’ve started to build the #KissTheHippoForest, a reforested area of Nepal which wouldn’t be possible without our proud coffee pod subscribers. Yes, that’s you.

It’s simple: for every pod, we plant a tree. That’s a win-win. For the local villagers, who get their forests back, and for the environment, which gets a much-needed helping hand when it comes to reducing CO2 levels planet wide.

Reforestation is the most effective solution to capturing CO2 and solving climate change – that’s why we’re happy that our pods, and the #KissTheHippoForest, are playing their part.


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