We’re on TV!

Everyone wants to be on TV. So when Channel 4 asked if they could come and film at our roastery, we could barely contain ourselves!

Now, we’re so excited to reveal that we welcomed the awesome Channel 4 team down to the roastery last February to film an episode of ‘Food Unwrapped,’ presented by Amanda Byram.

In the special episode, ‘Food Unwrapped Does Takeaways,’ the team wanted to take a look at how espresso is made, based on a new scientific study which suggested you could make espresso with less coffee and a coarser grind.

That’s where we came in. On the day, the team set up in the workshop of our state-of-the-art roastery, where we tested out the two methods of making espresso on camera.

What did we find? That would be a spoiler. But it’s live now (for a limited time only) so follow the link below to find out!



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