We’re finalists in the 2021 Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards!

This week, we got some really exciting news. We’ve been selected as a Finalist in the 2021 Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards!

Our coffee pods are a very new product, and our main priority was – as ever – great-tasting coffee. But even though we put that first, we still didn’t want to go down the plastic-heavy route of normal pods.

We wanted to do something different, something which not only tasted great, but did good things for the planet, too.

Now we’re so proud to say that our “something different” is being recognised, by Amazon no less. Every year the company have different sections in their Innovation Awards, and they’ve selected our very own pods as a finalist.

Seeing as it’s so soon after launching our pods, we’ve been blown away by the support – from both Amazon, and from loyal guests like you. So thank you.

With carbon negative sourcing, carbon negative roasting and pods which themselves are fully carbon negative, there’s good reason that our pods were recognised as one of the finalists in this year’s awards.

For us, that means a great source of pride (and a shiny trophy!) For you, it’s a chance to help the planet one coffee pod at a time – so thanks for being involved in our journey, and for helping us make our pods the best they can be.



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