French Press

A continental classic, the French Press – or cafetière – can easily brew multiple cups of quick, delicious coffee. First patented in France in the 1920s, it gained popularity in the UK in the 1960s when Michael Caine used one in suave spy film The Ipcress File.

Tools Needed test
Brew Time

3.5 - 4 minutes

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Step 1

Place French press on the scale and add your pre-weighed 30g ground coffee. Press ‘tare’.

Step 2

Start the timer and add 500g water just off the boil. Stir gently and place the plunger on top, but don’t press yet to maintain the heat in the vessel.

Step 3

Wait 3-4 min.

Step 4

Lift up the plunger and scoop out any coffee grounds left on top to avoid bitterness. Put the plunger back on and press.

Step 5

Place the lid back on the French press.

Step 6

Decant immediately to stop the coffee from over-extracting.

Step 7

Serve straight away and enjoy your delicious brew!