We’ve teamed up with Selfridges!

At Kiss the Hippo, we think that coffee has a big part to play in helping heal the planet. That’s why, when Selfridges asked us to collaborate with them on their Project Earth sustainability initiative, we jumped at the chance.

Project Earth aims to reduce the negative impact of consumerism on our planet. “We must find a way to change the way we buy and sell which stops harming the planet and offers us a future in the retail landscape,” Selfridges explain. “We must explore a model which allows our customers to shop in a way they can feel good about.”

At Kiss the Hippo, we’re all about keeping our coffee kind. That’s why we came up with a model that reimagines the farm-to-cup journey by putting the focus on sustainable methods. We believe that by forming genuine relationships with farmers, buying in season, roasting with 100% renewable energy, and by being fully transparent about all of the above, we’re doing our best to commune with the eco-conscious customer of the future.



Also, to celebrate the launch of Project Earth, Selfridges will also be putting on a whole range of events and experiences to help people learn about sustainable new ways to shop. You can find out more about them here.


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