What is World Coffee Research?

Why we donate with every kg of coffee we buy

Whether you enjoy your coffee at a café with friends or curled up with a good book, every cup you drink has been made possible by the hard work of hundreds of coffee producers.

But with the onset of the climate crisis, these producers face the gravest consequences – even though, within the coffee chain, they’re among the lowest emitters of carbon.

World Coffee Research (WCR) is looking to change that. An NGO which is essentially coffee’s R&D department, they’re committed to creating a new generation of coffee cultivars which are more resilient to the changing climate, as well as building a knowledge bank that will help support a healthier coffee agricultural system.

We’re proud to donate to WCR with every single kilogram of coffee we buy. Here’s why…

Ensuring the future of coffee

WCR’s mission statement is to grow, protect and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.

They’re committed to ensuring the future of coffee through agricultural research, focused on unlocking the promise of improved coffee varieties.

Combatting the climate crisis with science

“Research is an essential basis for improving the ‘goodness’ of coffee: how good it tastes, how good it is for the planet, and how good it is for people who grow it.”

This is how WCR describe their approach to coffee, and how they’re using science to ensure its future. Science is vital not only for combatting the effects of the climate crisis, but for ensuring a long-term, sustainable supply of goods like quality coffee.

By improving coffee varieties, WCR help boost climate resilience, profitability and productivity, in turn reducing emissions, deforestation and the risks to coffee farmers.

By investing in cutting-edge agricultural research today, WCR are helping create the coffee you’ll be drinking tomorrow, next year, and far beyond.

Helping the producers who create your coffee

The team at WCR foster long-term, direct relationships with coffee producers and quality-focused exporters to help them achieve their goals “on the ground.”

This means providing better plants and education to coffee farmers, as well as investing in countries which are critical for supporting coffee origin diversity.

From Guatemala to Uganda, Ethiopia and India to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, WCR are fostering partnerships, conducting research and supporting producers all over the world.

Investing in the coffee of tomorrow

Through research, investment and plenty of hard work, WCR are achieving impact at scale: the knowledge and resources generated by WCR flow downstream for the benefit of millions of farmers around the world.

That’s where you come in. Our loyal coffee drinkers allow us to donate to WCR, who in turn use income from coffee companies like us to help build a vibrant, sustainable coffee sector in a range of diverse origins.

With your help, we’re ensuring that we’ll always live in a world with great coffee – that’s just as great for the coffee farmers who grow it.


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